MSScvm is installed by downloading the R package from GitHub and running the install.packages function in the R console command line. Copy the three lines of code from the version release below (grey box) and paste them into the R command line and press enter.

  • the first line downloads the MSScvm package from GitHub
  • the second installs it
  • the third installs the dependent packages from CRAN
Once MSScvm and its dependencies have been installed, simply type library(MSScvm) each time you start a new R session to activate it. For more details on installing, processing procedures, and outputs please see the Guide page and the MSScvm R package manual file accompanying the MSScvm release.

Note that GDAL must be installed on your system. Please see the Guide page for assistance.

Version 1.0.0 - 7/30/15

download.file("", "MSScvm")
install.packages("MSScvm", repos=NULL)
MSScvm manual

MSScvm was developed by the Laboratory for Applications of Remote Sensing in Ecology at Oregon State University, Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society with funding from USDA Forest Service and USGS.

Principle author and maintainer: Justin Braaten
Contributing authors: Warren Cohen, Zhiqiang Yang